When I Was young

When I was young

BR Chitwood


When I was young

I found myself bewildered –

Alone and afraid of life

And all of its delusions…

Wandering among strangers

I found all makes and models…

Some scarred, simpatico, delicate,

And I lingered with song and verse

Until some silly sameness came.

Wanderlust was my companion

And, along the way I became

Sorely aware of my self-guidance,

Turned to solitude and writing

To somehow retrace my taken paths,

The mistakes along the way,

The beauty, the loves I betrayed,

The lives I might have lived…

From all written in these lines,

There has been beauty,

Some modest fleeting fame,

Loves etched forever upon my Soul.

So, I give these lines to myself

And to those who might modestly care,

Nay, not for inspiration,

Yay, just the simple message:

Believe it…

Deny it…

Live it…

Love it…

Hate it…

Accept it…


A Loving Deity might very well

Have more in store for us.


BR Chitwood – 8/20/20

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