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Only in Aruba

Only in Aruba

By BR Chitwood


With a model’s perfect stride

She kicked up the white Aruba sand

Just a few feet from the shoreline…

My eyes were locked on her beauty,

The long blond hair bouncing

In the slight warm breeze.

Captivated by her golden beauty,

A face and body sculpted by poets,

My heart, my body in museful joy.

At sixty-two, a wispy hope came:

This beauty was to pass within a yard

Of my tanned six-foot frame…

It came to me that our eyes were

Locked together from first notice,

Giving me some modest confidence.

She came directly to my large towel,

Spoke so softly with a sweet smile:

“Hi, may” I intrude a moment?”

“Of course. Please share my towel.”

So gracefully she knelt and sat by me.

“I have cold beer. Would you like one?”

“It would be a delight, thank you, and,

What is your name? and, why is it that

A handsome gentleman is beaching alone?”

“I’m single, divorced, actually, and have

Been immersed in business too long…

Decided to give myself a holiday. And, you?”

“I own a cosmetic company. Just taking

A break. I lost my husband three years

Ago in a bank robbery. He was the president.”

  “I’m sorry for your loss. You are so very

Beautiful. I confess, I’ve watched your long

Walk down the beach. Are you at the hotel?”

“No, I own a beach house up the coast.

Take long walks each day, hoping to keep trim.

I Should introduce myself: Daisy Fargo.”

She gave me her hand. “I’m Jeremy Jakes.

I hope you don’t mind compliments, Daisy, but

You are so beautiful, and thank you…”

“Why do you thank me? You are a handsome

Man, and I had a moment of daring and perhaps

Spoiled the privacy you had wanted.”

“Pardon, the giggle, but I was hoping all the

Along your beach walk that fate would play

A hand in our meeting. You are beautiful, you know.”

“Okay, we’ve established that you are handsome,

And I am beautiful. To complete our inventory of ‘vitals’,

I am thirty-eight…you are in your fifties?”

“You are kind, Daisy, but I’m sixty-two. That will

Likely change the parameters of our meeting. If

It helps, I’ve been told I look fortyish…”

“Ha, Ha, Ha! Age is factored in many ways –

Wrinkles, baldness, ‘endurance’, and unless you are

Configured in unusual ways inside your shorts, you’re good to go!

“’Good to go’! Does that have the same connotation as ‘Hot to?

        Trot’? You nod, ‘yes’, so let the records show that this

Date goes down in history as my favorite day.”

I gathered my beer cooler, towel, checked the white sand

For anything that might be lost, and we went to my suite,

Had a few Mai Tais, took a long shower, ordered dinner in.

Daisy looked so much better in my dress shirts and bikini

shorts that I ever could… You might not wish to believe it, but

Daisy and I married three weeks later and honeymooned in Paris.

[That’s all, Folks!]

Flash Fiction by: BR Chitwood – May 17, 2021


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4 comments on “Only in Aruba

  1. Love the word, WOW, good buddy. Thanks so much.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. eden baylee says:

    Super hot Billy Ray! Thanks for sharing your story. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Always wishing you love & happiness! xox

      Liked by 1 person

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