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A Triangular Mystery

A Triangular Mystery

By BR Chitwood

“Look, Ziggy! There, in the western sky! Those must be the Pyramidal shaped object the National TV networks have been showing on their newscasts?”

“Yeah, I see them, Freddie, and, as we see them from here in the desert, I’m guessing they are huge spacecrafts – UFOs – hovering above the Pacific Ocean. You can even see some of the movements they are making. From reports on all News Channels, those in the know are claiming these sightings are for real, legitimate UFOs, finally allowing the public to know we are not the only occupants of the Universe.”

“Wow, Ziggy, you know this must open the doors to all kinds of speculation, doubts, fears, and hopes…are these sightings evidence of another planet, or, planets far advanced from our own, with equipment and far-reaching Science and Technology to measure our value or lack thereof to them – that is, can we be friends or will we be foes and threats to their own societies?”

“We have come to a point in our history, Freddie, when our Nations’ governments cannot adequately deal with the diverse needs of its peoples. Here in America, our two parties that govern are diametrically opposed to each other, and it seems to me we are at a ‘tipping point’: are we to throw away the courageous and heroic deeds of so many of our men and women who fought our wars to establish our independence, our freedom, our liberty, to fade into an obscure and mob-rule phase of socialism/communism…”

“Are you saying, Ziggy, that these UFOs have detected this orb we live on as having become obsolete and too far gone in dis-repair and perhaps plan to invade us? Or, are you saying these UFOs from another planet might wish to help us in solving our social and economic woes?”

“I’m just letting my mind ponder what I see in our western sky. You can surely read into my words the concerns, hopes, dreams for our country while baffled by the great mystery of diversity in our world, baffled by the ignorance, the intolerance, the privileged few who only have self-interest and greed, baffled by people still fed ‘racist dogma’ – and, true, we all can’t have Doctorate degrees and be CEOs of major companies. Just be equal, find your job, find your home, and find your happiness…to the extent we all can. Need a ‘smart pill’? If there any, the government has yet to release them… Freddie, why the hell did you get me started?”

“Hey, Ziggy, the UFOs are gone – like a flash.”

“So is my mind, Freddie.”


BR Chitwood – 4/20/21

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One comment on “A Triangular Mystery

  1. Gwen M. Plano says:

    Makes you wonder, doesn’t it. I’m hoping they want to help us, for we seem incapable of helping ourselves. Thank you for the reflection, Billy Ray. Have a wonderful evening! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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