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At Ease, Disease

There’s Fungus Among Us –

At Ease, Disease!

– There’s Fungus Among Us! –

By BR Chitwood

Come on!

When is enough, enough?

We have flat-footed people walking our halls of Congress, sucking in their victorious air of superior satisfaction, the clap of their feet ringing louder now since they have mysteriously and maybe miraculously manipulated the ouster of a president who put ‘America First’ and produced a lively economy, brought back Manufacturing Jobs and new businesses lowering unemployment numbers.

Donald J. Trump was not your usual eloquent word/phrase producer behind the podium, more often than not turning the same phrase more than once. There was no difficulty understanding what our Commander-in-Chief told us, no misunderstanding of his words. There were repetitions and simplicity in his TV chats with reporters – and, it is true he  could be blunt with his words, perhaps misinterpreted.

He came to the Oval Office with his ideas for an ‘American First Policy’, and he leaves that prominent ‘Oval Office’ with accomplishments never before attained: in our multi-ethnic mix; in the illegal flow of immigrants into our country; in bringing our troops home from lands we’ve spent too much time and treasure; in building alliances in countries where bombs still burst and blind bullets fly; in having countries pony-up their shares for the added security America offers; in solid trade deals with Mexico, Canada; in starting a ‘United States Space Force’; in creating the best Economy in our history… he leaves unfinished a great wall of security on our southern border, and a Pandemic he quickly in record time found a curing vaccine.

Thank you, President Trump.

(He had only a few more miles to go.)

Of course, there’s more, and there seems to be other ‘Nasties’ the new Biden crew wish to throw at President Trump – Impeachment or another dusty document they found in the Pelosi and Schumer closet.

Sure, I could be on the wrong side of all of this, but I don’t happen to like these dinosaurs from the past, these dinosaurs whose ancestors likely spun the narrative for the ‘Civil War’.

Yes, I’m a dinosaur as well…an old huggable relic who can only write these days, raise ‘hell’ with my finger taps on the old laptop, and hope for my grand children that Ivanka makes it to the White House.


BR Chitwood -January 12, 2021

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2 comments on “At Ease, Disease

  1. Gwen M. Plano says:

    Most of us are still in shock over all that has happened. Time to pray, more than ever. 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. B R Chitwood says:

      I’m told there is a light at the end of this infernal tunnel… Lord, let it shine!


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