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By BR Chitwood

Remarkable is the sustained spectacle of Power…

Those who build their lives for only that purpose,

The audacious scope of their existence to easily

Manipulate, presume as their own the wealth of all.

In their artifice, is it to mete out chunks of money

For programs to sustain and grow their empires?

 To bolster their mocked, superior claims to fidelity?

So easy their timidly feigned gratitude and honor,

Their guiled grasps of emotions to fit a moment, all

Movements designed to touch soft spots of the heart.

Is it a Monolith that will crumble of its own weight?

Is our destiny ordained by this ever-present pol-plague?

Will we be spared by a magical wave of Providence?

Or live in a dark and ugly Swamp-World of the Elites?

Is it time for the Flash-Thunder Redemption of Souls?


By BR Chitwood – November 30, 2020 (Preview my books & posts)

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One comment on “Remarkable

  1. Is revolution the answer?

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