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Mars and President Trump

Mars and President Trump

By BR Chitwood

Designated time zones accommodate our earth’s perpetual orbital laps. Imagining the delicate nature of our Galaxy, our Universe, the mysterious space, the black holes, the exploding stars, all that is out there far beyond the ability of most of us to grasp how it all came to be can bring dizziness to the mind. Even, when we walk away from a Space Scientist’s longcommentary of words and phrases, see the astronauts floating around in their cramped environments and out in the black space through which their capsule takes them.

It is all so captivating to see but not clearly comprehend the limits to which some special earthlings have come to develop craft and tools to explore outer space, to delve into mysteries of our Universe for understanding the nature and the reason for human life.

Our astronauts are now preparing for the long journey through space to Mars. What wild and tantalizing true tales will they give us of the journey…I pray for their safe return to Earth and news that will enlighten the world

I have been a teacher, a salesman, and an author of twenty mystery, romance, memoir, Sci-Fi, and books of other genres, plus 400-plus blogposts. (My personal Website and Blog.)

From my birth spot in a small Bible Belt Appalachia sawmill camp, there was poverty, family disconnect, and much for a young boy’s mind to ponder. Church on Sunday was usually a sermon about ‘sinners in the hands of an angry God’, followed by an altar-call, and my later baptism.

So, I was constantly confronting myself with questions about sin and salvation, about my tiny part of the Universe and why God let my Mom and Dad divorce. Economic bad times were hitting everywhere, particularly in Tennessee and other southern states.

In my little cot at night, my mind was busy trying to make sense out of the confused world I lived in, why God was allowing this to happen. Anything and everything I thought on, from ‘how the world was created’ – Sunday School and Church gave me the information of how God built the world in seven days, The ten commandments, a fiery death to sinners…

As I grew, became somewhat educated, I began to realize that it was going to be crowded down in Hell. I joined the US Navy out of high school, met people from other parts of America, and began to loosen up a bit. Oh, constant yips from my brain would not allow me to go too far over my Appalachia upbringing.

Through College, through some exciting moments in my life, I grew but never became ‘whole’.

When Sputnik came and the ‘Space Age’ went full throttle, I began questioning some, not all, of my early bible teachings…

Now, back to Mars and a world so totally different, with violent groups of protest, a good president defiled and made to look ‘dummified’, full-tilt hatred by the Left and the groups paid to riot and rip our cities apart.

To come so far with Science/Technology, to finally go to Mars and perhaps beyond, we, as a nation most gifted, cannot put the hatred  away, cannot say NO to the BIG CORP/TECH groups that seemingly want to control how we think, how we work, how to audaciously point to a hard-working president who attacked the  Covid-19 Plague by working with the private sector to create vaccinations that will soon put the ugly Corona Virus behind usall this while insulted and vilified by the mainstream press – an embarrassment to proud real journalists.

To come so far with their hatred, they will put President Trump through the ringer of what certainly appears to be a rigged election. What else can a sound-thinking group of people think? An addled democratic candidate stays in his home basement all through the campaign, reads a few briefs from a monitor, is destroyed in debates with the president, deals with China for millions of dollars for himself, son, and brother – plus, coming forth with progressive (Socialistic) plans for double-digit trillions to rip-off the American Taxpayers.

It was my intent to create in this post some proud American moments for which all patriots can be proud PLUS look at the duplicity of politics at its worst.

Think about it: four years of President Trump has created the best economic record in our history; more jobs; more for minorities; incredibly fast action to create vaccines for the Covid-19 Virus; Military enhancements to preclude foreign designs; So much more; Trump is a man devoted to his country and its people, and he deserves another four years.


BR Chitwood – November 18, 2020

2 comments on “Mars and President Trump

  1. I’ve come full circle. Let Biden have it and then give us a chance to carp at every befuddled comment he makes. Eventually, it will probably be Harris at the helm anyway. Then we can watch the full force of socialism take over and all the middle-income people wondering how come the inflation rate and taxes have them down in the lower socioeconomic class. You have to wonder why some folks would trade prosperity for so called nice talk. Go figure

    Liked by 1 person

    1. B R Chitwood says:

      You make good sense, John. Indeed, ‘go figure’! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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