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A book with today’s ‘swirl’

A Book with Today’s Swirl

By BR Chitwood

THE POWER MERCHANTS is fiction that captures some essence of present-day America, excluding the riots, looting, the street mayhem in many of our cities, and the bitter division between political parties, with each spewing some obvious old and odious over-used labels that bring to our TV channels and newspapers so much negative attention…

The action in this novel takes place in today’s world amid a pandemic no one saw coming and involves issues of the day – political chicanery, corruption of the most sordid kind, where under-age sex is provided to our highest government officials for special anonymity and favors to the donors of evil.

There is a strong woman detective who finds herself in the middle of a beautiful love affair with an advocate for good. Amidst this love, there is the Covid-19 anomaly, the aforementioned political intrigue, and an unsolved murder which must be solved…

PLUS, there is a side ‘tale’ involving two high school friends who becomce involved with some of these power merchants, who finally realize their rush into nefarious business is not for them.

In the midst of all the ‘bad guys and deeds’, there is a love story that keeps some sanity in the total mix of elements.


{Here is a sample of the writing]


Chapter One

The smiling, curvaceous yellow-bikini blonde on the large billboard looked down on me with a luring smile that said she loved me, and some uncontrollable part of me had the gall to convince my cock to get alert for action. That, as a full-body numbing buzz came and filled my total awareness with razor-sharp pains in all parts of my disabled anatomy.

First, though, I needed to remember why the hell I was lying in this ditch some fifty yards from what looked like a state highway. The area was too isolated to be a major road. At this point I saw no traffic at all.

Uh-oh, another sharp jolt just sparked my brain, letting me know where the pain was coming from. Just when I figured the pain was coming from the right side of my body and figured it was time for me to move, the left side of my head near the eye urgently warned me, ‘do not move quite yet’.

I closed my eyes tightly as though that might offer some sanity to the moment, but it only added to the pain. After softly touching my rib cage, carefully moving my feet and hands, after touching a spot above my left forehead, I felt the large wide lump with a long gaping valley running along my forehead, I let out a sharp cry when I touched bone some a few centimeters down, a half-inch above the eyebrow. The exquisite pain threw me back, slamming my head into a boulder I didn’t know was there, and one more yell came. With the yell came more pain, and some part of the engine inside me was fit enough to allow me some self-pity.


How did I get to self-pity when I did not even know my name? For whatever the stupidity, that thought had a strangely consoling effect.

I lay there, not moving because both sides of my body were denying that simple task. So, I lay there, thinking… How the hell did I get here? That thought was swallowed up with the previous jarring truth… I did not know who and what to call me. I did not know me.

Oh, my God!

The panic now lodged there in my crowded brain made me try again to get up out of the ditch, but I only fell back to my earthen bed of the moment – dusty earth, gravel, and the afore-mentioned boulder.

Some knowledge bade me take long deep breaths and not try to figure it all out. I guess some ruling gene from the cranial pool was trying to settle me down with the fact that my mind and body was going through a temporary shut-down, and, again, how do I get ‘there’ when I don’t even know my name and how and why fate put me here?

I lay there, taking deep breaths until sharp stabbing ouches hit me. I tried to calm my thinking. All events have reasons, good and bad. It would come to me…’Just relax’ I kept telling myself.

Lying still there, the pain was not so bad, and the bikini-blonde beauty was still trying to get me erected.

Smiling lamely and with pain at my silly thoughts I kept my gaze on the billboard.

At some point, I felt like I was going to pass out, a swooning sensation, not pain so much.

That’s when I heard movement among the dirt and gravel.

The thoughts came hard and fast. What can I do? I can hardly move.

Then I screamed at what I saw within ten feet of me.

It was a Mojave Rattlesnake.

Once again, really, how would I know about Mojave rattlesnakes when I don’t even know my name? Then, another weird thought hit me, a movie I saw – Harrison Ford in Temple of Doom. Indiana Jones hated snakes, and he ran like hell from them…

That thought came at me from Hell’s murky furnace, and, hating snakes with good movie company, I rushed on ‘auto-pilot’ to get up, and the excruciating pain took me back to sudden darkness on my earthen bed of dirt and gravel.

Thoughts can be obnoxious was my last bit of thinking as the pain took me once again to the nether world of unconsciousness: at least I won’t see the wiggly bastard finish me off.

[End of ‘Chapter One’ sample]


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6 comments on “A book with today’s ‘swirl’

  1. I have this one on my Kindle. Will get there soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, good John…all my best…reading…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. D.L. Finn, Author says:

    Chilling excerpt Billy that left me wanting to know more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, dear Denise…


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