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Mind’s madness


Minds’ Madness

-By BR Chitwood-

‘What’s it all about, Alfie’?

Is it just for this political calamity we live?

Please, ‘Alfie’, what’s it all about?

Can we sort it out, ‘Alfie’? Or…

Is it just for these moments we live?

Where’s ‘Alfie’?

‘What’s it all about, Alfie’?

Is it all about ‘Some people have –

And Some do not have, Alfie’?

Is it about Government’s misuse of our money?

Feeding the Swamp Monsters who wish to control us?

Is it about pay-outs to non-reciprocating countries?

Is it about the lives lost in senseless Wars?

Is it about the Political Party differences?

One Party leans heavily toward open borders.

One Party wants strong borders and legally controlled enforced entries.

As of 2019, 328.2 million people made up the population of the United States…

In 2018, the Census Bureau showed 38.1 million people were poor…

The United States is home to most Ethnic Groups and Races.

To me, ‘Alfie’, this all about electing a strong ‘Commander-in-Chief’ who is indefatigable in his service. Our current President Trump has shown time and again his leadership in bringing important issues to a positive end. I believe President Trump appoints the various department heads that understand his overall agenda of improving all bureaucratic actions in our Democracy…one can go to Google or other sources and find the President’s achievements.

While my words have no clout, I can still express them with confidence…I do know in my own mind that the eight years of Barack Obama took us back, not forward, and I believe he and V-P Biden conspired to secretly prevent President Trump’s election.

I have been an observer through the years of Joe Biden, and, frankly, I cannot think of any worthy contributions he has made to our country. He has, however, made some family members wealthy during his years in government. Why has he and his Party not spoken about the madness on our city streets? (There’s an easy answer…)

That is my take if anyone gives a twit! AND, I will not get started on the mainstream media group… If you want news that tells it like it is, go to Fox News.

BR Chitwood – August 27, 2020


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6 comments on “Mind’s madness

  1. You sure know how to rile a body up, Billy Ray. I don’t mean the political falderal. It’s gonna be shit no matter who gets elected. I mean by putting that worm of a song in my ear. I’ll be humming it the whole night through.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good Jay,
      It is so good to hear from my illegally ‘adopted brother’.
      It so pleases me’ to ‘comfort you’, my younger Sib…
      My wife and cat were awakened and frightened in the darkness of night by my frantic screaming for ‘Alfie’.
      Of course, ‘Shit’, it will be, regardless of the November winner…I just prefer ‘mine’ the color of ‘Milk Chocolate’, not that dark hard stuff!
      Hope you’re well, good Jay…my eyes are failing me and my energy level and movements are those of a Bassett Hound! I scribble my ‘nonsense’… good Julie checks and corrects.
      Keep writing…and, get out of California before the implosion!!! Yuck, yuck! (Actually, I love that state and the memories it affords me!)
      Stay well, my friend…


  2. Way to tell it like it is, Billy Ray. I can’t imagine a country with the socialists in charge. I hope people wake up and understand what is happening. If they read the instructions to the media issued by the DNC they would understand censorship at the highest level. Super post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, good friend. Your words mean a lot to me! Stay safe and dry and hug the ladies…

      Liked by 1 person

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