Time: Demon or Saint

Image Art by: Nong Vang – Unsplash.com

Time: Demon or Saint

By BR Chitwood

 Like calendar pages flipping by in an old movie, taking our days, weeks, months, years, leaving us with our victories, our regrets, and our sadness.

The shaving mirror reflects the sunken eyes above the bags, and, below a pitted chin flops a tubular second chin. Do heaven or hell reflect these anomalies? Or is the ugly, bloated mirror image the hell that will be taken over time from the crypt, each ounce, each pound of the dead flesh decaying over the deep-dark slow-passing days of the seasons?

William Shakespeare on his stages wrestled with the question of life after death. Hamlet thought that life after death considerations left suicides less viable, that the vicissitudes of life after death were more perilous than living. The question of death bringing total darkness or, literally, a living hell, was a rather large theme in Shakespeare’s lexicon of themes.

Well, in the day, it did take suicide off the table. (a devilishTee-hee).

So, where am I going with this?

Well, hell, I knew a few minutes ago.

Tell me what you think…but, please, be nice. (Like, me!)

Feel cheated?

Me, too… I wanted to stay young forever. Now, well, maybe three or four more books is all I shall be able to produce…

AND…the other twenty-one books ARE DOING SO WELL! Yeah, RIGHT!

I have got to eat some ice cream and get this bad taste out of my mouth…

Forgive my Teaser…

BR Chitwood – May 11, 2020

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      1. Shoot, I can remember watching the clock near the end of the day in high school. It seemed to go so slow then. Even now, the hours and minutes pass at the normal rate, but the years seem to fly by.

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  1. How do you do it, Billy Ray? What’s it been, 6 months, 7 months since I last visited your site. I come back to see your prose still sizzles and your humor comes from out of nowhere to tug out a reader’s laugh. You still have the gift, B R. And as long as you keep opening it so frequently, there will always be more of a gift waiting.

    I clicked the little box below so they’ll notify me as they used to of your new posts.

    Until then, Pal, write on.

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  2. Time passes whether we like it or not. I prefer to think of the thereafter as a place of peace and beauty where I can reunite with those I’ve lost through the years. As to the mirror, everyone knows they give a distorted view 🙂

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