Darkness and Insomnia

(Image Art by Andrew Neel – Unsplash)


Darkness and Insomnia

By BR Chitwood


Sleep waits with me until

Insomnia might mercifully

Quit its nightly routines,

The tossing and turning

Becoming an unbearable

Stir of stupid body scenes.


How to position my hands?

My head? My legs? My feet?

My brain goes hither and yon.

The grandfather clock ticks

Off its steady pulsations

As thoughts pound on and on.


Now, I sit in my Lazy-Boy

Typing out my wariness

With words that rhyme.

My head begins to nod,

Drowsiness comes to tease,

Off again to bed I trod.


Again, beneath the covers

My body comfortably in

Tune with my mind,

The damned cat pounces

On my naked form and

Decides it’s time to unwind.


A Restless Poetic Effort by BR Chitwood – October 4, 2019


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  1. I’m glad to hear how much trouble you are having with your sleep. Well, not glad for you, but glad for me. At four in the morning (that is my worst time) after a string of nights my Fitbit tells me my average hourly sleep is 4.5 … I’m wondering when the symptoms of mental breakdown are to begin. Will it be this night? Tomorrow. It’s good to get some validation.

    BTW, you know better than to sleep naked with a cat in the house!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s a reason for my sleeping naked… Oh, well, what the hell, among all these body wrinkles there are certain parts of me that want no binding elements…hope that answers your BTW, you old rascal! Luv ya, podner! 🙂


      1. It rarely happens to me (thankfully), but when it does it gives me a sense of compassion for my dear hubby who struggles with this often. I keep telling him to drink a cup of warm milk before bedtime… Something Grandma used to say. May your nights be filled with sweet dreams, Billy Ray…

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