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8 comments on “The Man Who Came Out of the Cold

  1. Interesting blog, Billy Ray. I read some John Dolan stuff quite a while ago. He’s good for sure.

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    1. John has great command of wit and wisdom…another ‘John’ I’m very fond of! ♥♥

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      1. I read his first book back in 2102

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      2. That likely would have been “Everyone Burns” – That was the first one I read, and it hooked me…he is indeed a ‘polymath’! Actually, “EB” is my favorite of them all, but all are excellent…if you get a chance, read his shortie, “Jim Fosse’s Expense Claim” – You will enjoy it, having been in the corp world… ♥♥

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      3. Thanks, Billy Ray.

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      4. My pleasure, good John! ♥

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    1. Thank you and best wishe. ♥


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