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There in that sacred space

Where dreams lay crumbled

From all the yesterdays –


There where songs are sung

And stale memories play on

The soft notes of piano keys –


There in the unfulfilled dream

Heaps of all tomorrows amid

The rearranged bar stools –


There in the Bacchus mist

Among the sad souls of night

Love comes briefly to delight –


There in that play parlor for

Lonely souls of poetic pawns

The tortured Romantic sits.


Thank you, Romantics of the

World for the beauty of your

Musical notes and such sweet pain.


My attic is crowded with Love’s

Embracing moments of yore. the

Dulcet nights of wine and romance.


With now livered hands of age

I raise my glass to your gifts

Of soft violins and velvety dance


To poignant partings and sorrows

To delicious moments encoded,

Stamped forever in my Heart.


-BR Chitwood – July 12, 2019-


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2 comments on “There

  1. eden baylee says:

    ❤ Billy Ray ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Back at you! ♥ Eden ♥


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