Hey, World!

15241296_10210589180546815_7619236045342556019_n (1)
-Hey, World!-

Hey, World,
Look at my girl…
She’s standing right here
Beside me.
Hey, World,
I’m in a whirl…
I’ve found the girl
For me.

She’s lovely,
And, Wow!
Those Eyes…
She’s Lovely,
She’s Paradise,
She’s Lovely,
Just One of a Kind,
Hands Off, World,
She’s All Mine!
She moves with the grace
Of an Angel,
She’s Diff’rent in her own
Special Way.
All that I’ve longed for,
A lady with Style,
Hey, World –
Outta my way!
She’s lovely,
Just One of a Kind…
Hands Off, World!
She’s All Mine…

An Up-Beat Stylish Song by: Billy Ray Chitwood

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      1. The devil made me ask you… I’ve got a new novella (31,000 words) – “Daddy, No!” is the title…it’s fiction inspired by the Colorado man who killed his wife and two small daughters – August, 2018. Don’t worry, I’ve got beta readers – just thought, if you had the time, I’d send you a PDF or GooglePlay… You’re doing so many blog posts and writing: I should not have brought it up. Great week to you, good John. ♥

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  1. Now that’s an anthem for beauty we ought to hear more of. If I’d have sung more to my wife, she might still be with me. On second thought, I did sing. Geeze, could it be my voice? Keep on belting them out, you old crooner you!

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