The Light Must Be On


The Light Must Be On

After all the years it’s still with me,

That fear that clutches in the night

The vulnerable spots of my Soul –

And there must be constant Light.


There even into the morning’s sunrise

The room which is my only world

A table light must continue its glow

To feed ravenous thoughts unfurled.


Whence came this awful curse of mind?

What mockery didst I make of Life

To cause thought demons to visit me thus?

To bring such monsters of strife?


Was it a childhood devoid of care and love?

A child’s witness to life’s vulgar showing?

The vagaries of unbridled behavior?

The bleak, lonely child’s unknowing?


Didst come with nature’s random imprint?

This ugly mistake with no remedy?

Whatever its symptoms my life goes on

And I fear that I still wish to be!


@Billy Ray Chitwood – April 15, 2018


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  1. Childhood follows us through life. Its fears, its sorrows haunt us until we make our final peace. Your poem captures this movement within our souls very effectively, Billy Ray. Thank you and blessings to you.

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  2. I really like this poem and can relate to it too. I still sleep with a light on in the bathroom. I cannot sleep in complete darkness. If we have a power failure I wake up. I think this need of mine has something to do with my childhood.

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    1. People say ‘we must not live in the past’! Yet, I find it difficult to shed the impressions, thoughts, and impediments to growth in those long-ago days. You, Dear Robbie, are a soul-mate to this rusty old Twilight dweller… Incidentally, Julie Anne and I visited a few years ago a hamlet just north of London in Buckinghamshire called Chetwode – the beginning of my atavistic pulse! I’m sure you know Buckinghamshire, but I doubt you’ve heard of that little spot along a country road…there’s lovely old church and graveyard & Priory. I shed a tear in the grave yard as I scratched away years of grit off the stone to find a date of an ancestor… ♥♥♥

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