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The River and Me

Man on a River BankThe River and Me

-Some Shameful ‘Stream of Consciousness’-

All alone again!

Well, there is the river, almost an emerald color…

Don’t try to cheer me up, River!

The Sun’s up there in the pale blue with no clouds.

Got my bottle of Hooch!

Good Hooch! ‘Maker’s Mark’ in a Flask! 

What the hell! I’ll cry in it!

Bust my ass and what do I get for it?

Shit! I get shit!

Could give it up, this writing therapy shit!

Just drink my MM and sit on the River Bank!

The Books are good, Dammit! Why no Sales?

Maybe not so good!

Shit! They’re good! I’m not going there!

Too dammed many Books!

Too dammed many Authors!

They’re giving Books away!

Get out of my Life, Books and Authors!

Stephen King Sucks! Established Author! Shit!

Indie Authors, by the Tons! Amazon and KDP Suck!

C’mere, my little flask friend!

Hooch and the River!

Not Bad! Might make a good book title!

Shit! C’mere, MM Hoochie-Coochie!

Dammed Clouds blocking my Sun!

Get away, Clouds!

Not Clouds!

It’s getting Dark!

There’s a Sunset!

So dammed Beautiful!


Where the hell does Time go?

Does it have a Home?

I have a Home!

Well, I did have a Home some hours ago!

Could sleep right here on the River Bank!

Why am I so Stupid?

Little Lady had nothing to do with this mood!

She gets all my Flack!

Well, the cat gets some of it!

Love those two ladies!

My wife and the cat!

I’ll Just go Home!

Maybe they won’t be too pissed!

My Wife and my Cat!

Yeah, they still Love Me!

They’ll forgive me this little MM break!

I’ll have a tough Time forgiving myself!

Oh, well, even the good Authors have their Moments!

I’ll get back on that book tomorrow!

Guess I’ll be visiting you again, River!

Writing will bring me back!

Just stay where you are!

Billy Ray Chitwood – 9/19/17


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4 comments on “The River and Me

  1. eden baylee says:

    It’s good to have a place to go to that listens, Billy Ray. 😉
    We all have many rivers to cross, don’t we?

    This is for you.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a precious gift! How is it you know me so well? So true, indeed, ‘so many rivers to cross’! I’ll keep Jimmy Cliff around for a while – great singer and great accompaniment! My kind of music! Thanks so much, sweet lady! xox ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jaysquires says:

    Ah, there is a place to reply! Dammit, Billy Ray, I love that poem. Prose? At least let’s give it prose-poem. Whatever, it spoke to me on a deep level. It spoke of lack of recognition–a singer or actor without an audience. It spoke a couple of lofty truths: The good doesn’t always rise to the top, does it? And those who are meaningful in our lives don’t realize that all we crave from them is praise. Simple enough. Just a “don’t worry about ‘success’ cause I love you, and what makes you happy makes me happy.” So a little hootch to grease the passage through life, doesn’t hurt. And the river’s a good place to evaluate and wallow a bit.

    By the by, I didn’t realize I wasn’t following you. I rectified that.

    And by the bytiby … did anyone ever tell you how you resemble Willard Scott?


    1. Willard Scott??? Why, yu air a skandrell! Ima holelot betterlukin than that Willard boy! 🙂 But I do know you meant well with the comparison! (Hope you got my other reply!)


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